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Long Distance touch Light up & Vibrate Bracelets for Couples

৳ 13,000.00

  • Connect with your loved ones, and light up your loved one’s life with two synchronized bracelets!
  • When it lights up, it means your love has arrived. No matter you are in a long distance relationship or separated for a short period of time.
  • Send love tokens: Send miss stickers or cartoons to your partner, your partner’s jewelry will receive the messages and the custom color will flash.
  • Create a surprise message: Store sweet photos, video, audio and text in the jewelry to share with your partner, your partner can touch the jewelry to see the surprise message.
  • Call notification: You can add up to 3 important contacts in the app. Every time you receive a call from them, your TotoToo jewelry will flash.
  • Reqiured App: TOTWOO
  • [Stay Connected to Your Loved One] No matter how far away from each other you are, you can keep in touch with them with the totwoo Bracelet. Simply tap your bracelet and your partner’s will vibrate and flash, knowing that you’re thinking about them, sensing the other one’s touch through the vibration. This is a great gift for couples, families, children, and close friends.
  • [All Functions Built for Love] Secret messages: Through totwoo App, you can send secret messages and love letters to surprise your beloved. Once your partner touches their bracelet, the messages will be revealed on their phone. Anniversary Reminder: Your bracelet will automatically remind you of important dates. Never miss another birthday or anniversary again. Call Reminder: Add 3 important contacts in the app, and your bracelet will vibrate and flash to notify you when receiving a call.
  • [Unique Design] Bracelets with classic sun and moon elements, romantic and fashionable. The backs of the bracelets are engraved with Jane Austen’s quote, “My heart is, and will always be yours.” A zirconium stone is delicately hand-set into the moon bracelet. Bracelet with stylish Snake chain, adjustable size. Available in many colors and designs to match your different styles and outfits.
  • [A True Engineering Breakthrough] Hidden inside this romantic bracelet is our state-of-the-art totwoo nb16 chip. This bracelet is stylish and goes with any combination of jewelry. High craftmanship, emotional experience, and smart technology define totwoo bracelets.
  • [Waterproof and Rechargeable] Water resistant for daily use, but not suitable for swimming or bathing. Charge for 1 hour for 7 days of ultra-long standby.


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